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The idea of QVG was first conceived over 5 years ago, when out of our desire to offer a combination of great business opportunity and supreme quality nutritional supplements & innovative cosmetic products, this young – already very successful company has been established.

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To join our crew, all you need to do is to BECOME QVG Customer and through enjoying our products, you will also be able to FIND OUT more about BECOMING our Member.

To join our crew, all you need to do is to BECOME QVG Customer and through enjoying our products, you will also be able to FIND OUT more about BECOMING our Member.

With us, you can enjoy good health & have fulfilling job.

We believe, we have found a way to fulfill basic needs we all share:

Better vitality – sense of contribution – thriving business success.

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Harvard University Study says that inflammation are the reason for most of fatal diseases.

The studies confirm that Omega3 is the only proven dietary supplement that works against inflammation!

The only Omega3 supplement that is GUARANTEED FREE of heavy metals, industrial pollutants, toxins – and comes directly from the source – is Vitality Omega3, from Vegan algae Omega3.

The recommended daily intake of Vitality Omega3 contains EPA 296 mg, DHA 592 mg.

Revolutionary Therapeutic Cosmetics for Skin and Nails

Vita Gold is a new generation innovative therapeutic cosmetic product based on a complementary effect of active oxygen and colloidal gold.Active oxygen in this innovative product operates synergistically with colloidal gold and cleanses, nourishes, hydrates and oxygenates the skin and nails.

Vita Gold Skin Gel

  • Complementary effects of active oxygen and colloidal gold
  • Supplies skin with active oxygen, colloidal gold increases effectiveness up to 10 times
  • Uses skin’s own natural mechanisms to bring its results
  • Excellent for various skin conditions

Vita Gold Nail Solution

  • Synergy of active oxygen, colloidal gold and panthenol
  • Serious competitive advantages to similar products on market
  • Relieves and visibly improves the symptoms of various negative nail conditions
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The cutting edge

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You can purchase Products at the full price at any time at our Online shop by providing necessary information and submitting referral ID of a person who introduced you to our Products. Once you have signed in as a Customer you can upgrade your QVG role status to Independent Member within 60 days.

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To become QVG Independent Member, you will have to pay an annual membership fee in the amount of 88€. If you have Autoship agreement, can you save your future annual fees. You can register as an Independent Member under the Independent Member who introduced you to the QVG Opportunity. As our Member, you will enjoy discounts and be able to qualify for Bonuses on your own purchase and your Customer’s and Independent Member’s purchases.